Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Women's 10 essential items for their wardrobe

Ladies, now that your wardrobe is organized it is time to see what is missing! I have put together a list of the 10 most important items you should have in your wardrobe through research and my own personal experience! ***Don't worry guys-- your list is coming tomorrow!*** 
1. YOUR LBD! Every woman needs a sexy little black dress. This can be your go-to item for a fancy dinner or you can throw a blazer over it and wear it to work.

2. Camis in every color! They are such easy layering pieces and can take you from one season to another for less than $10!

3. Cute flats and sensible heels can make any outfit. You want to be cute and comfortable! You can still be stylish without needing to be carried to your car at the end of the night!
4. A fitted blazer and 5. dark wash jeans can make any woman look sexy and put together. Layer a bright colored cami and add some great jewelry and you are ready for anything!

6. A trench coat and 7. a white button down shirt are great with a dress, skirt, jeans-- whatever. They are totally classic and not items that will go out of style.

8. A tunic (flowy top) and 9. wide leg black dress pants are the key to staying sexy and put together when you don't want to show every curve (or last 5 pounds) that you have. Feel free to wear the tunic with some leggings and cute sandals and dress the pants up with a sexy fitted blouse.

10. Last is the most fun-- it is YOUR essential item. The go-to piece that is so comfy and makes you feel so good about yourself. It could be a long summer dress with flip flops, it can be a long sweater that looks great with boots, or even your favorite pair of PJ bottoms that only come out when you don't feel well. Don't get rid of this item. It makes your wardrobe unique to you! Who knows, you might be a trend-setter yourself!

Have fun shopping ladies! Don't forget to check with your friends. Someone might want to get rid of their great trench coat and need a pair of your great flats. :)

Tune in tomorrow when we talk about what your guy should have in his closet!!!


  1. Great tips!! I really need to update my wardrobe and remember that my comfy clothes are really for my eyes only!! I love my sweats so much, but they certainly are not something to wear to the grocery store! LOL I NEED TO GO SHOPPING!!!!!

  2. Great blog! I couldn't agree more! Thanks for the reminders... Can't wait for more!!
    I still need a pair of new dark jeans.