Monday, November 21, 2011

People:Style watch's 10 Ways to Shop Smart

It is almost time for those crazy lines, 12 hours of extreme shopping, and looking for the last of that toy that everyone needs to have!

Thanks to People:Style watch, November 2011 Issue, I have 12 great tips to help you get through!!!!

1. Buy cheap chic brands
2. Take advantage of coupons
3. Find local deals around your neighborhood
4. Sign up for flash sales
5. Try a rental--- need a fancy dress? Check out the online companies that will rent a dress to you!
6. Repair your favorite pieces (get those awesome boots resoled!)
7. Compare prices
8. Check $$$ savings blogs (like mine lol)
9. Become a member
10. Experiment with Do-It-Yourself!
11. Join rewards programs (Sephora gives you a free gift for your birthday)
12. Sign up for sampling programs

These work for shopping for your Winter wardrobe, Holiday outfit, or for your gifts for the Holidays.

COYC TIP: This season is the season for glitz! Winter white, red, black with some sparkle-- wear silver eye shadow, get a sparkly gold tank to go under your blazer for work, wear red patten-leather heels... You get the idea! Go all out and wear a metallic mini dress with some knee high boots. Happy Holidays! 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

COYC: Bundling up with a sale!

I am loving the Fall/Winter styles this year! It is a great time to shop! There are a TON of great sales going on and everyone is getting ready with their holiday attire and outerwear collections. I went shopping today and between coupons, store promotions, and clearance, I bought over $300 worth of clothing and jewelry for less than $150! One store that I hit was the Limited. They were having a 40% off the entire store sale. After almost spazzing out, I raided their clearance section. It was like Shop-til-you-Drop! I just kept handing the associate hangers upon hangers to put in my fitting room. That is how I shop. I go through the entire store and then hit the fitting room to divide and conquer. I have 3 piles: no, yes, and maybe. Once I have had a chance to try everything on, I decide what fits into my budget and what doesn't. Usually this is where the justifying comes into play. "Can I wear this to work?" "Can I wear it with more than one thing in my closet?" "How much is it after the discount?"

I was able to buy a great sweater and a three-piece suit (blazer, pants, and skirt) for less than $90.00. (The pants alone were originally $78!) I also went to Maurice's which is a store that I just discovered. I LOVE IT! They have so many cute styles that are not too trendy and are age appropriate for 20-30 something's not wanting their jeans too low. Between their store promotions and the great coupons you get if you get their emails and credit card, I saved as much as I spent! The best thing was when I got home I realized how many of the items I can mix and match. If I don't feel like wearing the blazer, the red sweater I bought looked great with the skirt.

Shopping is getting so easy ladies. Seriously, if you find the right store, the right sale, and the right sales associate, you can have a DREAM shopping experience. Most stores have their own accessories and shoes now too. It is okay to stay within your budget because clearance racks are great! I usually never start at the front of the store when shopping. I always hit the back first and work my way forward. A lot of top designers have lines at local stores now too like Target and Kohl's which is great. Sears and K-Mart also have great lines and designers at a reasonable price point.

Stay tuned for my snap shot of People:Style watch November edition! They have some great tips for holiday shopping!