Monday, February 28, 2011

Makeup tips finale

I am sure we each have tricks that we have learned from our mothers or girlfriends. Some of the tips that I have picked up over time are:
If your mascara gets clumpy, run the closed tube under hot water.
If you don't have the right color eyeliner, use your eye shadow! Take a small brush, wet it, and line your eyes with whatever color you want to try.
To keep lipstick on longer use the following steps:
1. Line your lips with a lip liner that matches your natural lip color.
2. Use a little lip balm to keep them moist
3. Apply your choice of red lipstick
4. Instead of blottin with a tissue, use your thumb to get the lipstick from getting on your teeth. I know it sounds silly, but suck your thumb for 5 seconds.
5. Use a bronzer, powder, or blush (something that won't take away from the color) and lightly brush over the lipstick. Thing can dry your lips out after time though so keep the balm on you.
Another great product is Covergirl's lip stain. Practice with this though! The first time I used it I ended up with it all over my teeth but it really does stay on for hours!

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