Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cleaning out your makeup bag

Do you have a makeup bag that is filled with everything from lipstick to the glitter that was part of your Halloween costume in 2004? You are like almost every woman! I did some research on and you are going to be surprised at how long you can actually keep your makeup! I was...

First, make sure you check out my makeup tips from a few posts ago. This post with those will really get you started on the right makeup experience. Just remember, it doesn't require you to spend hours in the mirror or hundreds of dollars for expensive eye cream.

Concealer: lasts 12 months

Powder: lasts 2 years

Gel cleaners and creams: lasts 1 year

Pencil eye liner: 3 years  (remember to sharpen regularly!)

Eye shadow: lasts 3 years and makes a great sub for eye liner!

Brushes: they can last forever if you wash them every few months with a mild soap

Sponges: wash weekly and discard monthly

Foundation: water based lasts 12 months, oil based lasts 18 months (remember, you might not need foundation, concealer, and powder-- base it off of your own skin. Also, you might need 2 different shades for different times of year.)

Lip liner: lasts 3 years (cheap works just as well--- and stick to a nude shade, specifically a color that is closest to your own lip color)

Lip stick: lasts 1 to 2 years (see tips for making it last!)


Nail polish: lasts 12 months (if it starts to seperate, you might want to throw it away!)

The biggest and most important rule is that if you are sick or having a bad reaction to your makeup throw it away-- no matter how much you love it, or spent on it!!!!
I love it ladies-- you are becoming fashion and makeup experts before my very eyes!!!