Saturday, March 26, 2011

Before you walk down the aisle, part 2

So, you have picked your date and you have some ideas of your theme and color scheme. Great! The next step is to make sure it works together. For example, we wanted a Fall wedding. So, we chose an October date. I love the colors red and black-- and they look great with orange and yellow. So far, so good. We wanted to include one of our favorite Halloween movies-- "The Nightmare Before Christmas" so Jack & Sally became the icon for our wedding--- on the cake, on the invitations, etc. But as you can see, everything worked. You can't really have a Spring wedding with pastel bridesmaid dresses and a "Vegas" theme....

Don't lose yourself. Mix it up. Have some classic touches with some creative, personal touches. We had the cake cutting and the first dance. But instead of serving cake for dessert, we served apple crisp. It doesn't all have to be traditional and it doesn't have to be "unique and creative." Don't give up on what YOU want! NEVER FORGET THAT!

If you are on a budget, figure out what is important. I spent more on my wedding dress and made my own invitations. Instead of paying for a professional to do my hair, I had my best friend do it. I spent more on the food we ate but the hall we had our reception at covered EVERYTHING with the price of the food. Actually, if you want a wedding in NH I highly reccomend Promises to Keep in Derry, NH. They were so reasonable and helpful. I wouldn't have made it through my day without their help.

Another thing that will help you get going is to decide who is going to be responsible for what. You might want to have your fiance and the best man (woman) be in charge of getting the tuxedos and planning the rehearsal dinner. Your maid of honor could be in charge of planning the centerpieces and favors. As long as you have open communication with your wedding party it doesn't have to be all your job!

Deep breath-- no matter what happens, it will be fine! You are marrying your soul mate!

Tune in tomorrow for details on your dress decision and planning a honeymoon!!!

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