Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saying I Do, part 3

One of the biggest decisions that you will make (after choosing WHO you are going to marry ;-D) is picking your wedding dress. Get all of your ideas together but remember these details: your budget, the style that best suits YOU, the season, the theme of your wedding, where you can shop. If you have a $100 or a $10,000 budget do not allow the bridal consultant or your maid of honor to talk you into trying on the more expensive dress "just to see what it looks like" because that is going to be THE DRESS and unless you are willing to cut the budget somewhere else, do not torture yourself.

Also, remember what styles work best for your body type. I love mermaid style dresses but with my hips it would have looked HORRIBLE! So, I chose dresses with a-line skirts and ballroom skirts. Don't be afraid to try on a style that you might not like at first. I did not think I wanted strapless until I tried it on. You will also know when it is THE DRESS! You will feel it, I know it is clique, but it is true.

Do not go diet crazy. You will hate your life! Just remember while you are trying to look your best: eat healthy, get exercise, drink a lot of water, and get enough sleep! Sleep is really important, especially the night before your wedding. No girls' nights out that night!

The best tip I can give you for your wedding prep is: practice, practice, practice! Whether is is doing your hair and makeup, walking in your wedding shoes, sitting in your dress, your vows, anything that doesn't come naturally! You don't want to try something for the first time on the day of your wedding. It will make everything go so much smoother.

This day will be the beginning of your life together as a married couple. Here are some tips to make your relationship stronger:

* Say "I love you" everyday whether in person or over the phone-- don't forget.
* Always have open communication! You are a team and need to be there for eachother!
* Don't be afraid to ask for advice but remember if you get advice, you don't always have to follow it. Every couple is different.
* Always remember to laugh!
* Don't lose yourself. It makes your relationship stronger if you each have your own passions and hobbies. You don't need to share everything.
* Always make "us" time-- whether you are together for 6 months or married for 25 years with children. Take one night a week to have a conversation, go on a date!

Good luck and enjoy your day. It goes by so fast!

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