Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Clearance Shopping at its Best! 

Today I went to the Steeple Gate Mall in Concord, NH with my Mom to do some "window" shopping. Window shopping turned into "Oh My God SO MANY CLEARANCE SALES!" I kind of lost my mind, but luckily, I didn't lose my wallet.

In total, I bought 16 items that were originally priced $317.68. Because I bought things on sale, I spent $174.78, saving over 45%. Each item averaged $10.94 a piece. SO EXCITED! The great thing is that they are mostly all interchangeable with each other and with the clothes I already have. 

Tonight I am going to "clean out my closet" (hee hee hee) and put things in order, bringing back my Fall and Winter wardrobe. This should be interesting, but my new closet is not that big.... I wonder if I can turn my second bedroom into a closet... No, that would come with a divorce. This should make my 365 days of fashion so much easier! I will have SO MANY THINGS TO CHOOSE FROM!

Here is what I bought, where I bought it, and the cost:

Black flats  original price 24.98 sale price 9.99 bought @ The Shoe Dept
Blue flats (same info) 

Pink wrap sweater original price 18.00 sale price 5.00 bought @ JC Penney
Blue silk tee shirt original price 12.00 bought @ JC Penney
Off white crochet sweater original price 18.00 sale price 5.00 bought @ JC Penney
Khaki & White party dress original price 35.00 sale price 10.00 bought @ JC Penney
Peach Silk tank original price 12.00 bought at JC Penney
Brown trouser dress pants original price 17.00 bought @ JC Penney
Grey trouser dress pants(same info) 

Pink bangle bracelets original price 16.95 sale price 4.99 bought @ New York & Co
Turquoise off-the-shoulder tee shirt original price 26.95 sale price 12.88 bought @ NY & Co

Purple V Neck Sweater original price 19.94 sale price 15.00 bought @ Old Navy
Pink embroidered skirt original price 29.94 sale price 14.99 bought @ Old Navy
Camel colored cord skirt original price 24.94 bought @ Old Navy
Olive drab tank original price 10.00 sale price 8.00 bought @ Old Navy
Charcoal grey tank (same info) 

Happy shopping! :)