Sunday, May 22, 2011

Who is your fashion icon?

I have asked and you have answered! There are so many people to choose from, past or present. Having a fashion icon doesn't mean that you model yourself after this person. You might not dress like them at all. All it means is that you respect this person's style and you model their confidence.  The best answer, and the most common answer, was YOU ARE YOUR OWN FASHION ICON! That is great! I have always said that confidence in yourself makes you the sexiest person. You should always reflect your own personality in what you wear. Whether it is great shoes, a red lipstick, a great suit-- whatever makes you look in the mirror and say, "Damn, I look good today."

As predicted, Audrey Hepburn was at the top of everyone's fashion list. She is my fashion icon. Her grace and class was effortless. She was not only an icon of her time, she continues to be a timeless representation of what a really lady should dress like. Others of her time are also great models, such as Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Lauren Bacall, Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelley, etc.

Another great fashion icon is Michelle Obama. She is our Jackie O of 2011. She really chooses styles that work for her and she is a advocate for reasonable spending, by choosing lines from stores like J Crew. She looks put-together and fun and really owns her style. Rock on first lady!

Last, but definitely not least, you chose Sarah Jessica Parker as your fashion icon. She is the perfect icon to be jealous of! I mean, who wouldn't want Carrie's shoe collection! She is a great person to model after if you are looking for that person who has a quirky style with great accessories. She is always fashion forward with a vintage flair. Even in this white dress, she looks amazing and totally expensive!

Some other great answers were: Grace Kelly, Betty Draper Francis, Pizzazz from JEM, and of course, me ;-).
Let us be our own fashion icon! Always know that you can rock anything with the right attitude! You never know followers, you might be someone else's fashion icon every day!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Makes You Feel Sexy?

Every person has something that they wear that makes them feel sexy. I have a few--- a great pair of jeans, red lipstick, a top that shows my shoulders.... Put all those together and watch out!

According to my Facebook friends, people agree! The most popular answer I got today would be a sexy pair of shoes. You could be wearing a bath robe and wearing a sexy pair of heels and would be a complete success. :) From someone who cannot wear anything with a heel, flats can be just as sexy. I am in love with flat boots. In the summer I love sandals. As long as they make a statement, your shoes can make you feel sexy.

The second choice would be a great pair of jeans. Making your behind look great and your legs look long. You can rock a great pair of jeans to the club, around the house, where ever. The best thing is that you can get a pair of heels or a some dark jeans for any price. Check out clearance sales, Payless, DOTS, somewhere close to you and within your price range. Be prepared for some pain. Unfortunately, buying a pair of good jeans can be harder than finding a bathing suit. But once you do, you will wear them until they fall right off. From my many years in retail, you want to remember that each pair of jeans is different. If you find a style and size that work, bring 3 pairs of the same size into the fitting room with you. I know it seems silly, but trust me, it is worth it. Also, do the squat test in the fitting room. Make sure they are comfortable.

 From my male followers, the answer was a great suit. I think channeling James Bond would make any man feel sexy. It is a key suggestion to get a woman's attention! Another sexy James to emulate would be James Dean. A great tee shirt and a pair of jeans. YES! So sexy! (And comfortable). The good thing about either, like the women's suggestions, would be to find something that is inexpensive. If you spend a little more than you would normally, it is something that will last a long time. If you have to wear suits to work, check with your accountant, you might be able to write them off on your taxes. 

The best way to feel sexy is confidence. I have said it before- even if you are naked-- confidence will make anything you are wearing, or not wearing, look sexy. Funny, being naked got a lot of votes too! :) 

Thanks followers! Talk to you next week! 


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Making memories for less than $20!

I am sorry that I have been gone for so long. I am back and ready with some great ideas for my loyal followers!

The warm weather is here and I have some great ideas to keep you busy either with your girls or with your favorite date!
Girls' Night In:
Invite some girls over, it is time to get in touch with your inner Samantha and Carrie! If you don't have a cheap way to rent movies like NETFLIX or RED BOX, have your girls bring over their favorite chick flicks and pick from the stash. 
Get out your blender ladies, here is a simple recipe for homemade strawberry margaritas: 
6 oz tequila
2 oz triple sec
8 oz frozen strawberries in the syrup
4 oz limeade concentrate
Don't forget to pick up your fun margarita glasses at Christmas Tree Shop for less than $2!!!

Want something to do while you are watching all those girly movies? How about a wardrobe swap? Save some money for your summer wardrobe by asking your girls to bring all their unwanteds and throw in the middle of your living room. Go ahead and get crazy! It is like a new outfit with no money spent!!!!! 

Last, every woman needs a facial! Here is a really easy and inexpensive recipe:
1 tablespoon old fashioned oatmeal (finely ground)
1 teaspoon plain yogurt (preferably organic)
a few drops of honey, warmed with a hot spoon
MIX, apply to your face, leave on for 10 minutes, and finish with a hot wash cloth!


Do you and your love need something to do that isn't going to cost you a fortune? Well here are some great ideas for you New Englanders out there! (Don't forget, these are ideas you can really do anywhere!) 

Hampton Beach-
* Pack a picnic and have dinner on the beach while you watch the sunset
* Share some fried dough while you take in a free concert
* Beat 'em at skee ball in any of the arcades
* Finish your night with great Karaoke and dancing @ Stacy Jane's! The best bar on the strip!

Night in Boston:
* Can't afford an expensive restaurant or a club cover? That is totally cool! Look online for clubs that do "free covers" if you go during a certain time. 
* Grab a hot dog from a street vendor and cop a squat at the Public Garden
* Channel your inner child at the aquarium or the science museum
(It is really endless!)

Getting in touch with nature:
* Check out Walden Pond--- swim, hike, just relax! Beautiful scenery and history right there and all you have to do is pay for parking! 

I hope this inspires you to get outside and make those memories! Happy Spring followers! I am so excited for what this season has to offer!