Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting ready for the big day

I just got married this past October so I know how crazy it can get when you are planning. Whether you are getting married in 2 months or 2 years the first thing you need is a binder or a notebook or something to keep your stuff organized. You are going to have piles of papers from your contracts with the DJ to pictures of your perfect dress.

This should also not be something you do alone. We want your future spouse, your maid of honor, your mother, anyone who might have a part in this special day. The one thing you want to remember though is that this is about you and your fiance. Not anyone else. Everyone is there to HELP not take over.

Go to CVS or the dollar store and by yourself a binder with some paper. Then sit down with your best friend (future maid of honor) and your fiance and start writing things down. Have a seperate page for each category: wedding themes, dresses, dates, etc. Once you start to collect information for each of these ideas you will be able to divide your binder into sections. If you want, buy a pre-made wedding binder, but I can tell you from experience-- this can be really overwhelming. I liked my homemade binder just as much.

The first decision you want to make together is your date. Do you want it to be an evening wedding or day? Do you have a favorite season? Is cost important? Some tips for picking a date: it will be cheaper to have your wedding in November through March. This is the non-wedding season. But, if you are set on May or October, it is still cheaper to book a Friday night or Sunday afternoon. Saturday will be the most expensive.

The second decision is what kind of wedding do you want? Do you want a small, intimate wedding or a large family-filled celebration. This decision will probably change multiple times throughout the planning.

Start doing your research online and through Bridal magazines. is the best website! You can register on this website for free it gives you a place for your budget, guest list, etc. It is amazing! I also used craigslist for a lot of things. But you have to be careful with craigslist. Some posts are scams. If you find a DJ or a photographer, make sure you meet at a public place, get references, and see a portfolio.

Don't get overwhelmed. I know there is a lot to do, but it is totally possible.

Tune in throughout the week for more tips! Feel free to post any questions you might have!

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