Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Embracing My New Size

Hello to my dedicated fans!

I hope you all haven't given up on me. I have had an interesting 2 years and had to come to grips with where my life has taken me. One place is to a different department of some of my favorite clothing stores. Most of my adult life I have been a size 12. Due to some health issues, lack of energy, and love of ice cream I am now a size 16. It is taking Cleaning Out Your Closet to a whole new level! I am working on embracing my curves and finding new outfits to make myself feel good in my skin. My biggest issue is a serious lack of funds in my shopping account! I have been doing some research on places to sell my gently worn clothing to use to buy things that fit, but that doesn't seem to be going well so far, though I haven't worked really hard on it.  

The other concept I am embracing is shopping for my age... I am trying to find what it means to dress as a 30 something (flirty, thirty, and thriving, right?). I can't physically fit it anything in the junior's section any more-- I mean no one my age should be caught dead in those mini skirts.. Or were they belts? Headbands? I am also not at all ready to jump into Chico's or Talbots... I still love stores like New York & Co and TJ Maxx. I have been told I need to become familiar with Savers. That will be during my next shopping adventure. Don't worry COYC fans, I have not forgotten about my beloved clearance sections! Any store is fair game when I see 50% off!

My final fashion dilemma is a change in career. I have a wonderful new job that does not have a dress code. At first I was thrilled, dressing in cute, creative outfits everyday. Now I change from pajamas in the morning to more appropriate, to be seen in public, pajamas. I feel like Regina George in Mean Girls: "sweat pants are all that fit me right now."

Anyway, these are my fashion gripes going into fall. I will make sure to keep you all update as I come up with solutions to my issues. Feel free to send me your issues, or even better, your suggestions! Love you all! <3