Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thinking about your Fall style? My snapshot of PEOPLE STYLE WATCH!

I am getting antsy for fall fashion! Today, I checked out the August issue of People Style Watch and got a ton of great tips for you! The first thing I noticed was an ad for K-Mart's new line: GLO. When did K-Mart get so sexy??? Like I always say, don't assume anything when it comes to fashion. You can  seriously find some great deals if you take the time to pay attention. COYC tip: Do you have expensive taste? Check out flea markets or outlet stores to get those name brands for a lot cheaper. And who can forget TJ MAXX or Marshall's? I mean, every woman I know is a maxx-inista!
Next, Style Watch reminded me of some of my style icons! They really highlight Ms. Jennifer Lopez. As you know, ladies, J-Lo is a diva! She owns her style and her body. She is sexy because she is confident and chooses styles that compliment her body. Something any of you can do. My other favorite from the mag is Emma Watson! From someone who grew up watching her movies, she has grown into a beautiful woman. The great thing about Emma is she is classically beautiful with hints of edginess. These two ladies really know how to work it!
COYC tip: Please beware of the "one swipe" eyeshadow. I know it looks so easy and simple, but it might get really messy! Anyone can apply eyeshadow and create that look in 3 simple steps. Pick a neutral color and apply that your lid closest to your eyelashes. Use a darker shade (within the same color palette) to apply in the crease of your eyelid. Finish with a highlighting shade right under your eyebrow. Blend with your finger tip. To get a little more glowy, use the highlight in the inner-corner of your eye. The other thing I want you to beware of is "steals and deals" that aren't really in your budget. So many times you see "sale" and it still is over budget. Think about what you want to buy (sexy heels, handbag, earrings) and check out a couple of stores (either online or in store) before you buy. Or, bring your shopper-savvy friend with you to help you get the best deal!

Rachel Zoe taps in with your 5 best tips for fall:
1. Flirty, fun dress that can be dressed up or down!
2. An all-white suit (don't be afraid, white doesn't go away after Labor Day anymore)
3. A signature handbag. It doesn't need to match your shoes, or your outfit for that matter.
4. A light-weight tweed jacket. Don't be afraid to pair it with a sexy mini and boots.
5. Platform heels! Add that extra style and height with more comfort.

animal prints (in everything! accessories, clothing, tights, etc)
statement jewelery (chunky rings, hoops, bangled bracelets, feather earrings)
faux-leather (JACKETS! pants, skirts--- don't go all biker bar-- mix it with feminine materials like silk)
SCARVES! (for your hair, neck, belt, decorate your purse, your house, whatever!)
printed fabrics (be careful with this-- it can get tacky really quickly!)
lots of zippers
cords, colored jeans, and velvet are back! (And this is not the same outfit you wore to kindergarten- it is uber sexy!)
Masculine inspired shoes vs the ultra feminine look! (Platforms with either a buckle or a bow!)

Feeling inspired yet? What do you think your fall style will be? Here are 4 great suggestions from STYLE WATCH!              First, they go simply chic: solid colors, black and white, with bold makeup-- think Twiggy. Next is urban classic (this is my favorite) mixing feminine pieces with edgy materials-- silk blouse, leather jacket. Third, go totally girly with beautiful blush. This is pinks, champagnes, lace, silk, pearls. Last, is the modern metallic, really channeling your inner rock star. Pair a silver metallic dress with purple pumps and big earrings.

Well, ladies, I hope this helps inspire you as we finish up our summer vacations and think about those fall sales.
COYC tip: LAYER LAYER LAYER! Don't forget to mix your summer wardrobe with your new and old fall items. Take that flirty maxi dress and layer it over a neutral tee shirt or under a chunky knit sweater. Or, channel your inner- My So-Called Life and rock that dress with some hot tights and combat boots. Always make it your own. Take a little bit from each tip and make it work with your own look. Rock it!!!! Don't be afraid to try something new. Have to wear a suit to work? Rock a pair of leapord-print tights with your black pin skirt.

Want to buy the issue for yourself? Check out page 102 where they show you a great makeup look that you can get for either $209 or $40.47!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our sexy and stylish trip to Atlantic City!

I have said it a million times before, you can be sexy and stylish at any price range and size. It is all about how you rock what you are wearing. My best friend and style muse is Shannon Rich! She has always taken the simplest outfits and turned them into rockin outfits! If it wasn't for her, Cleaning Out Your Closet couldn't have happened!
Ready for a sexy dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe!                                
 Leopard print cardigan: TJ Maxx 12.99                                                                 
 Black tank top: TJ Maxx 9.99                                                                            
Torn up capris: DOTS 9.00                                                                             
  Hair jewels: Claires 8.50                                                                                        
Skull necklace: FREE Shannon made it!

 Outfit for a day on the boardwalk!                                                                       
flowy white top: DOTS 9.00                                                                                
Same torn up capris (see how you can mix and match)                                       
Pooka shell necklace: Hampton Beach, NH 7.00                                                  
Pooka shell flip flops: Payless 7.99                                                                        
One of Shannon's trade marks would be her sunglasses! She picks them up all the time and has a pair for every outfit, but she usually only spends $5 to $10. You can buy sunglasses almost anywhere now! Also, she always uses accessories in different ways. She uses that Pooka shell necklace as a hair accessory!

Our fancy dinner at the casino! Fancy doesn't equal expensive! You can look like a million bucks without spending a million!                                                    
Little black dress: Savers 8.99                                                                        
Black lacy shrug: TORRID .99                                                                                 
Heart necklace: Hard Rock Cafe 15.00  (had to buy something to remember the trip!)                                                                                                   
Black rose hair clip: Claires 6.75 (remember, Claires usually has a BOGO event for their hair accessories!)            

Time to hit the clubs and go dancing!                                                        
 Party dress: DOTS 20.00                                                                            
 Black shrug: DOTS 12.00                                                                     
Tights: Express 8.00                                                                                   
Heart necklace: same as above                                                                              
 Red rose hair clip: Claires 6.75

Don't forget your shoes and makeup! They are going to finish your look and add that extra touch! Shoes to the left from Daniel Blaze 9.99!
Thank you Shannon for being the HOT SHOT OF THE WEEK! You are inspiring to women of all sizes that you can be stylish and beautiful without breaking the bank!