Monday, February 28, 2011

Makeup tips finale

I am sure we each have tricks that we have learned from our mothers or girlfriends. Some of the tips that I have picked up over time are:
If your mascara gets clumpy, run the closed tube under hot water.
If you don't have the right color eyeliner, use your eye shadow! Take a small brush, wet it, and line your eyes with whatever color you want to try.
To keep lipstick on longer use the following steps:
1. Line your lips with a lip liner that matches your natural lip color.
2. Use a little lip balm to keep them moist
3. Apply your choice of red lipstick
4. Instead of blottin with a tissue, use your thumb to get the lipstick from getting on your teeth. I know it sounds silly, but suck your thumb for 5 seconds.
5. Use a bronzer, powder, or blush (something that won't take away from the color) and lightly brush over the lipstick. Thing can dry your lips out after time though so keep the balm on you.
Another great product is Covergirl's lip stain. Practice with this though! The first time I used it I ended up with it all over my teeth but it really does stay on for hours!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Second day of makeup tricks and hot pick of the week :)

I am this week's hot pick. Not that I think I am uber-fashionable, but I am experimenting with new colors and new makeup so I thought it was appropriate for this week.

Shirt $14.99 New York and Co
Skirt $9.99 Forever 21
Tights and scarf were both from a small boutique in Northampton, MA that I don't remember. Tights were $6 and the scarf $7
Earrings $10 (but they came with 2 other pairs) ICING

I am experimenting with teal eye shadow to go with my shirt and tights. Normally if I go bold with my makeup, I will wear all black or muted colors. Today was a very daring day for me.

Some tips that you want to keep in mind are:
* moisturize your face first
* make sure you powder your face including your eye lids before you apply the rest of your makeup.
* To get that smokey eye, start with your eyeliner. Go 3/4 on top and 3/4 under, lining your lash line. Then apply your shadow of choice. Carry the color lightly over all of the eyeliner.
* Another good tip to keep in mind is to highlight your brow with a light, almost white eye shadow. You can use the same shade in the corner of your eye to brighten your face.
* I recommend that EVERYONE use mascara, even if it is all that you use during the day. It really completes your look. Just make sure you only keep your mascara for 6 months AT THE MOST! It gets really gross after that.

If you are afraid to try such a bold color like I did, feel free to use tans and pinks to get yourself used to application and trying the smokey eye. Pink eye shadow with brown eye liner and brown mascara is a great look for anyone.

Good luck ladies! Please post any photos that you have with your boldness!

Tune in this weekend where we talk about making your lip stick last!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Crazy for makeup!

I AM OBSESSED WITH MAKEUP! Everything from Wet N Wild at your local drug store (usually under $5) to MAC and Sephora (higher price point $15 and above) I love it! Do not think that you can't do your own makeup or that you can't afford good makeup. Because you can do it! Everyone can.

You want to start with finding out your tones. Look at yourself in the mirror, preferably with your hair pulled back and a clean face. Every person has blue or yellow tone to their skin. Having a blue tone means you are a cool. Having a yellow tone means you are warm. The second step is to determine whether you are a: summer, winter, spring, or fall. The easiest way is to think about what colors look best on you in your wardrobe.

Autumn- rich colors with gold undertones. Celebrity example: Jessica Alba

Spring- bright and clear colors with warm undertones. Celebrity example: Heidi Klum

Summer- soft colors with cool undertones. Celebrity example: Jennifer Garner

Winter- deep colors with jewel tones. Celebrity example: Anne Hathaway

Start your process by determining your tones. If you aren't used to wearing any makeup, start with something simple. Brown mascara and a tinted lip gloss. If you are more comfortable with makeup, expand your selection. Make sure your foundations and powders are the right color for you. Match them with the color of the palm of your hand. Be careful not to over-do your application. You don't want it to be obvious. My least favorite makeup habit is the orange line around the chin! Most makeup artists swear by applying moisturizer before applying any makeup. Depending on your skin type, this could be as simple as Ponds skin cream. You should moisturize your face before applying your makeup and again at the end of day after you take it off. Be careful with what you are using. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to speak to a Dermatologist before using anything. If you are nervous, test the makeup on your arm and wait an hour. You should know within that amount of time if you are going to have a negative reaction.

I hope you are excited! This is just the first step! This week we will talk about all types of makeup application. :) Tune in tomorrow when we talk about tricks of the trade.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Getting ready for Spring

With the warm weather today, I started thinking about what I want to wear this Spring! Like I said before, there are so many options now. The only thing you want to think about is "what works for me?" There might be styles out there that you love but might not work that well with your frame or skin tone. Personally, I cannot wear orange or shoulder pads. But if you can rock those styles-- go right ahead! Ask your best friend-- most likely they will be honest. :)

If you are overwhelmed, study themes: certain decades, TV shows, etc. Some examples that are going to be hot this spring are:

The 20's (Boardwalk Empire): Lacy, feminine, baby doll pink, nude, silk. Tops that are loose fitting with long skirts and lace up boots. If you want to start with accessories, I saw a great line in ICING in the mall.

The 50's/60's (Mad Men/ I love Lucy): This is personally my favorite style. I love pencil skirts and poco dots. This is a great look for girls with curves. Check out stores like New York & Co. They have great sales and seperates that will carry through any season. For the guys this decade is very sexy! Pin-stripe suits! Your best bet is to check out GQ Magazine or Men's Warehouse. If you are tight on cash, you can get similar styles at Marshall's.

80's: Geometric shapes and neon colors or you can go to the other end of the spectrim and channel your punk side. Skinny jeans, knee high boots, a cropped leather jacket.  HOT! Don't spend a lot on this look. Hit the thrift stores for discounts.

Really, my best style advice is confidence. You will look good in anything if you are confident in your own skin.


 Sara, student in VT, (and the inpiration for my blog) rocks the thrift store!
Here is her favorite look for the winter-- and I LOVE IT!

Leather Jacket - Thrifted ($15)
Cream Silk Dress - Goodwill ($5)
Cream Slip (worn under dress) - Thrifted ($.05...yeah, five cents!!)
Scarf - Thrifted ($2)
Black Belt - Thrifted ($1)
Maroon Tights  - Canadian Grocery Store ($3)
Black Booties - DSW ($15)
Earrings - Made by her mom! (free)

DON'T WE LOVE IT! Rock on Sara!
Tune in on Monday when we start our week of MAKEUP!!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wake up, it's time to shop!

Before you go shopping remember that there are no rules any more. You must make your own fashion rules. For example, white is okay all year and green and navy can be used as neutrals like tan and black. You also want to remember that you are not required to wear everything that is "in" right now. Some styles are not meant for everyone. Personally, I cannot wear Uggs. I look like a Muppet. But I love tights! Let us say it together: "TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS!" You are allowed to wear leggings with a long shirt, or tights with a skirt or shorts but NOT by themselves. If we can see your panties-- PUT SOMETHING ON!

I also have a rule that it is okay to spend a little bit of money on an item if it is going to last. For example, if you are buying sneakers or anything leather, you are going to have to spend some money to get quality. But these are items that should last you more than just one season. I refuse to spend more than $15 on a tee shirt. I also spend less than $20 on any accessories or layering pieces. Actually, if I am in the mood to shop and on a tight budget I will buy tank tops (camis) in different colors and new jewelry. It always makes me feel better but doesn't break the bank.

I did some research on hot items this winter that you can use for more than one season. I will start with the guys.
Leather jacket: You can find a really hot FAUX (fake) leather jacket at JC Penney right now. They are selling a "Decree Faux Leather Jacket" for $39.99.

Cords: These are great to wear casually, or if you need to dress up a little. Target has a great pair  "Merona Corduroy Pants" for $19.99.

Perry Ellis really gets it right for a pair of shoes that can be comfortable and sexy. But if you want to buy a pair that are going to save you a lot of money, Payless has "Max Oxford American Eagle" for $39.99.
The Gossip Girl girls really look hot in plaid but personally, I cannot afford to shop in NYC. So I will go to Forever 21 and buy the "Plaid Skirt with Leatherette Belt" for $9.99.
Every woman needs a good handbag. They can make your entire outfit. But not every woman can afford a Gucci bag. So, I checked out JC Penney and they have "Sasha Chain Hobo" for $23.99.

Who doesn't want their own Jimmy Choo's? To keep your apartment but still look amazing, check out Target's "Mossimo Black Keara Peep Toe Booties" for $17.48.

The leather jacket, cords, and shoes that I chose for the guys can go together or can be added to any outfit, really. They are usually comfortable and go with so many things. Add a black tee shirt or a green button down shirt and you are ready.

The boots, handbag, and plaid skirt are really statement pieces for the ladies. Wear the booties with skinny jeans and sexy blouse. I bet they make your legs look longer! If you are tired of the gray skies, carry around a great bright colored bag and you will feel better about life. Wear the plaid skirt with some dark tights and a cute sweater and will channel "Blair Waldorf" herself!

Tune in next time when we have our first "Weekly Hot Spot" where we talk about the great outfits that are in your neighborhood!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Step 2 of cleaning out your closet

Okay-- now you are motivated! After you get rid of your unwanted items, it is time to get organized. This can be as simple as seperating work clothes from play clothes to as crazy as "black tee-shirts, brown tee shirts, blue..." you get the idea. This will give you a better idea of what you have to work with. If you are in a professional setting, you can see if you have 15 white button down shirts or none at all.

You can also see if you have all of the same colors in your wardrobe. You might be an all-black kind of person-- and I know who you are! Or, you might have more tee-shirts than any store in the mall but nothing nice to wear to a special event.

The best is yet to come! Calling all best friends, girl friends, sisters, mothers-- it is time for your personal fashion show and you might need someone to help you decide what works and what doesn't. Yes- even you men out there! Don't worry, we won't tell your boys. Try on everything. If it doesn't fit, get rid of it. Put things together that you might not think of. For example, for the gentlemen: pick your darkest jeans, your favorite tee shirt, now layer it under a dark button down shirt or a blazer. Not a suit blazer but something more casual, maybe corduroy. For you ladies: add a pop of color to your favorite outfit. Maybe purple tights with a black dress, or a yellow cami under a brown shrug and jeans.

Once you have played around and gotten an idea of areas that need improvement you might want to go online to do some research before you hit the mall. Check your favorite stores for promotions and sales. You can even google famous people that you consider fashion icons to see what they are wearing. Don't worry about spending a fortune on the boots that you love that cost $200. I bet you can find them for a lot cheaper!

Now you are ready to shop! Scary, right? Your closet is clean and organized, you have finally thrown out that tee shirt you only wear to bed (okay, so you might want to keep that) and are interested in adding new items to your closet that have never been there before! Holy crap!

Tune in next time and we will go shopping together!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cleaning out your closet

I understand that this can be an overwhelming task. Believe me, there have been many days after too many coffees that I tried to take this on and failed. Basically, you have to set a goal for yourself. Is it a change in season? Are you up a size or down a size? Is your wardrobe the only thing you can control in your life? Well, these are all great times to get going. First we will talk about sorting. This is the first and most important step. Personally, I don't throw anything away. You want 3 piles: throw away (usually old socks and such), keep, and give away. With the give-away pile you might even be able to make a litte money. Check online to find a local consignment shop and see what you can get for your unwanted items. Otherwise, just donate to the Salvation Army.

Look at the item. Is it stained, ripped, really old? If not, the next question is: how long has it been since you have worn this item? A good friend of my mine taught me a great trick. Turn all your hangers the wrong way. After 6 months if the item is still in the wrong direction, it is time to move on. If it is an item you love and only wear once and a while, like that sexy black dress, it is okay to keep. But if it is those jeans you wore in high school that you KNOW you will get back into REALLY soon-- ditch them! You will feel less guilty the next time you skip the gym and go to a movie.

Feeling inspired? Well, you are off to a great start! Next time we will talk about your own personal fashion show!