Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wake up, it's time to shop!

Before you go shopping remember that there are no rules any more. You must make your own fashion rules. For example, white is okay all year and green and navy can be used as neutrals like tan and black. You also want to remember that you are not required to wear everything that is "in" right now. Some styles are not meant for everyone. Personally, I cannot wear Uggs. I look like a Muppet. But I love tights! Let us say it together: "TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS!" You are allowed to wear leggings with a long shirt, or tights with a skirt or shorts but NOT by themselves. If we can see your panties-- PUT SOMETHING ON!

I also have a rule that it is okay to spend a little bit of money on an item if it is going to last. For example, if you are buying sneakers or anything leather, you are going to have to spend some money to get quality. But these are items that should last you more than just one season. I refuse to spend more than $15 on a tee shirt. I also spend less than $20 on any accessories or layering pieces. Actually, if I am in the mood to shop and on a tight budget I will buy tank tops (camis) in different colors and new jewelry. It always makes me feel better but doesn't break the bank.

I did some research on hot items this winter that you can use for more than one season. I will start with the guys.
Leather jacket: You can find a really hot FAUX (fake) leather jacket at JC Penney right now. They are selling a "Decree Faux Leather Jacket" for $39.99.

Cords: These are great to wear casually, or if you need to dress up a little. Target has a great pair  "Merona Corduroy Pants" for $19.99.

Perry Ellis really gets it right for a pair of shoes that can be comfortable and sexy. But if you want to buy a pair that are going to save you a lot of money, Payless has "Max Oxford American Eagle" for $39.99.
The Gossip Girl girls really look hot in plaid but personally, I cannot afford to shop in NYC. So I will go to Forever 21 and buy the "Plaid Skirt with Leatherette Belt" for $9.99.
Every woman needs a good handbag. They can make your entire outfit. But not every woman can afford a Gucci bag. So, I checked out JC Penney and they have "Sasha Chain Hobo" for $23.99.

Who doesn't want their own Jimmy Choo's? To keep your apartment but still look amazing, check out Target's "Mossimo Black Keara Peep Toe Booties" for $17.48.

The leather jacket, cords, and shoes that I chose for the guys can go together or can be added to any outfit, really. They are usually comfortable and go with so many things. Add a black tee shirt or a green button down shirt and you are ready.

The boots, handbag, and plaid skirt are really statement pieces for the ladies. Wear the booties with skinny jeans and sexy blouse. I bet they make your legs look longer! If you are tired of the gray skies, carry around a great bright colored bag and you will feel better about life. Wear the plaid skirt with some dark tights and a cute sweater and will channel "Blair Waldorf" herself!

Tune in next time when we have our first "Weekly Hot Spot" where we talk about the great outfits that are in your neighborhood!

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