Thursday, February 24, 2011

Second day of makeup tricks and hot pick of the week :)

I am this week's hot pick. Not that I think I am uber-fashionable, but I am experimenting with new colors and new makeup so I thought it was appropriate for this week.

Shirt $14.99 New York and Co
Skirt $9.99 Forever 21
Tights and scarf were both from a small boutique in Northampton, MA that I don't remember. Tights were $6 and the scarf $7
Earrings $10 (but they came with 2 other pairs) ICING

I am experimenting with teal eye shadow to go with my shirt and tights. Normally if I go bold with my makeup, I will wear all black or muted colors. Today was a very daring day for me.

Some tips that you want to keep in mind are:
* moisturize your face first
* make sure you powder your face including your eye lids before you apply the rest of your makeup.
* To get that smokey eye, start with your eyeliner. Go 3/4 on top and 3/4 under, lining your lash line. Then apply your shadow of choice. Carry the color lightly over all of the eyeliner.
* Another good tip to keep in mind is to highlight your brow with a light, almost white eye shadow. You can use the same shade in the corner of your eye to brighten your face.
* I recommend that EVERYONE use mascara, even if it is all that you use during the day. It really completes your look. Just make sure you only keep your mascara for 6 months AT THE MOST! It gets really gross after that.

If you are afraid to try such a bold color like I did, feel free to use tans and pinks to get yourself used to application and trying the smokey eye. Pink eye shadow with brown eye liner and brown mascara is a great look for anyone.

Good luck ladies! Please post any photos that you have with your boldness!

Tune in this weekend where we talk about making your lip stick last!


  1. You look great! Really loving the blue tights.

  2. Love Teal!!! You look great. I have been doing more with bright colors in my wardrobe and braving the purple and greens eyeliners. (not at the same time of course)
    Maybe you can talk about which colors work for which skin tones. Also, I know a great mascara trick, I will tell you in secret so you can use it on your UBER awesome blog!