Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"This is the fashion police! You have the right to be stylish!"

So ladies, I just can't contain my disdain for white pants and tights being worn the WRONG way! I will say it again: TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS!

Now that it is summer, we must discuss white pants. Do you wear them? Who can get away with it? The first rule is, just like everything else, what fits you right? Where are you wearing it? What are you wearing it with?

The right way: Classic looks paired with great tops that are still professional, and classy. Notice the shoes, the accessories, the right underwear!

This is OBVIOUSLY the wrong way! The pants are WAY too tight! Now, just because she isn't a size 2 doesn't mean she can't wear white pants. They just need to be the right style and size. Luckily, they aren't see-through... That would have been the icing the cake!
Next, I need to remind everyone about my biggest fashion rule ever! Tights are not pants! Ladies, it is just not sexy! The wrong way:

Now, coming from someone who likes to show off her booty, this is just rediculous! Unless you are wearing leg warmers and channeling your inner flash dance, I never want to see this look on anyone!
There are plenty of "right" ways to wear tights. Actually, they are so cute and a great way to personalize your outfit. Add colored tights to a black outfit. Wear tights that are covered in butterflies with your LBD and add some creativity to your work wardrobe.
Here are 2 great looks:
This a great look! It really works for anyone. Add boots for fall or winter with a great leather jacket. Can't wear heels? That is totally okay: this look looks great with ballet flats or sandals. Change the color of the tights to berry or teal and spice it up a little.
How chic is this look?! I love it! The bag, the military jacket, the whole thing! See how easy it is to be creative and sexy? Be bold, ladies! Add tights to your cut-off jean shorts and throw on a sexy tank and some great heels! SO HOT!
Thanks again for letting me rant! I know that my loyal followers would never end up on my "don't" page! You are all sexy and fashion go-getters! Let me see your favorite summer outfit! Email me your pic with a description of the outfit and how much you paid for it, and I will make you my "hot shot of the week!"


  1. I agree whole-heartedly on both accounts! My coworker has a pair of white pants that she rocks in the summer. Every time she wears them I think briefly to myself that I should find a pair myself, but not sure I can pull it off. And as for tights, probably one of my top 3 fashion pet peeves!

  2. LOL!!!! I totally agree w/you 110%! I ALSO hate tight pants COMBINED with a too small shirt (often worn by women who are on the chunky side) so that the "muffin top" is spilling over the pants, clearly visible because of the too small shirt. GET A MIRROR, ladies! Geez! (I am not a stick, I do have a little extra in the middle, too..I COVER MINE UP).

  3. I'm totally guilty of a white pants crime! I paired a great cut with a solid top. Unfortunately, my undergarment that was not visible in the lights in my bathroom was totally visible in the sunlight! Oops!!