Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our sexy and stylish trip to Atlantic City!

I have said it a million times before, you can be sexy and stylish at any price range and size. It is all about how you rock what you are wearing. My best friend and style muse is Shannon Rich! She has always taken the simplest outfits and turned them into rockin outfits! If it wasn't for her, Cleaning Out Your Closet couldn't have happened!
Ready for a sexy dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe!                                
 Leopard print cardigan: TJ Maxx 12.99                                                                 
 Black tank top: TJ Maxx 9.99                                                                            
Torn up capris: DOTS 9.00                                                                             
  Hair jewels: Claires 8.50                                                                                        
Skull necklace: FREE Shannon made it!

 Outfit for a day on the boardwalk!                                                                       
flowy white top: DOTS 9.00                                                                                
Same torn up capris (see how you can mix and match)                                       
Pooka shell necklace: Hampton Beach, NH 7.00                                                  
Pooka shell flip flops: Payless 7.99                                                                        
One of Shannon's trade marks would be her sunglasses! She picks them up all the time and has a pair for every outfit, but she usually only spends $5 to $10. You can buy sunglasses almost anywhere now! Also, she always uses accessories in different ways. She uses that Pooka shell necklace as a hair accessory!

Our fancy dinner at the casino! Fancy doesn't equal expensive! You can look like a million bucks without spending a million!                                                    
Little black dress: Savers 8.99                                                                        
Black lacy shrug: TORRID .99                                                                                 
Heart necklace: Hard Rock Cafe 15.00  (had to buy something to remember the trip!)                                                                                                   
Black rose hair clip: Claires 6.75 (remember, Claires usually has a BOGO event for their hair accessories!)            

Time to hit the clubs and go dancing!                                                        
 Party dress: DOTS 20.00                                                                            
 Black shrug: DOTS 12.00                                                                     
Tights: Express 8.00                                                                                   
Heart necklace: same as above                                                                              
 Red rose hair clip: Claires 6.75

Don't forget your shoes and makeup! They are going to finish your look and add that extra touch! Shoes to the left from Daniel Blaze 9.99!
Thank you Shannon for being the HOT SHOT OF THE WEEK! You are inspiring to women of all sizes that you can be stylish and beautiful without breaking the bank!


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