Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Thank you Glamour Magazine for always having great tips! The July issue takes you through your do's and don'ts of your summer! See some great photos of Blake Lively where she really channels her vintage style.

My favorite part is on page 46 "Your fashion questions, answered." They have a month-to-month breakdown of the best times to shop online.
January: shorts, dress shirts, t-shirts, and jewelry
February: suits and skirts
March: intimates, outerwear, and coats
April: dress pants
May: sunglasses
July: (I know, nothing in June, guess you will have to wait) sweaters
August: sleepwear, belts, and shoes
September: jeans and bags
October: swimwear

So, personally I don't usually shop online. I just use it as a resource for what my favorite stores are carrying and also ideas of what is HOT this coming season. A good tip while you are surfing the net is to check out high end designers to get ideas for what to look for in your cheaper stores (Goodwill, Forever 21, DOTS). If you do order merchandise online, just remember to cover your bum. Know the return policy, make sure the website you are on is safe, and read the details. I ordered baking supplies (cookie cutters, etc) without reading the fine print and they were SO SMALL!

Hot Shot of the week: ME :)
Hat: Target $7.49
Scarf: (random thrift store in Northampton, MA) $7
Shirt: DOTS $14 (came with a necklace)
Jeans: Walmart $19
Boots: PAYLESS $12.50 (Thank you BOGO)

I was going to a work party on a harber cruise. The hat and boots were a good choice because it was rainy! Everyone loved my outfit. Add a skirt and heels (minus the hat) and I would be ready for work. :) I have also worn the shirt with jean capris and flip flops. Always buy items for your closet that go with other outfits (unless it is SEXY all on its own!)

Love it ladies! Thanks for reading. Email me YOUR hot shot of the week and I will add you to my next blog!

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