Monday, November 21, 2011

People:Style watch's 10 Ways to Shop Smart

It is almost time for those crazy lines, 12 hours of extreme shopping, and looking for the last of that toy that everyone needs to have!

Thanks to People:Style watch, November 2011 Issue, I have 12 great tips to help you get through!!!!

1. Buy cheap chic brands
2. Take advantage of coupons
3. Find local deals around your neighborhood
4. Sign up for flash sales
5. Try a rental--- need a fancy dress? Check out the online companies that will rent a dress to you!
6. Repair your favorite pieces (get those awesome boots resoled!)
7. Compare prices
8. Check $$$ savings blogs (like mine lol)
9. Become a member
10. Experiment with Do-It-Yourself!
11. Join rewards programs (Sephora gives you a free gift for your birthday)
12. Sign up for sampling programs

These work for shopping for your Winter wardrobe, Holiday outfit, or for your gifts for the Holidays.

COYC TIP: This season is the season for glitz! Winter white, red, black with some sparkle-- wear silver eye shadow, get a sparkly gold tank to go under your blazer for work, wear red patten-leather heels... You get the idea! Go all out and wear a metallic mini dress with some knee high boots. Happy Holidays! 

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