Sunday, November 6, 2011

COYC: Bundling up with a sale!

I am loving the Fall/Winter styles this year! It is a great time to shop! There are a TON of great sales going on and everyone is getting ready with their holiday attire and outerwear collections. I went shopping today and between coupons, store promotions, and clearance, I bought over $300 worth of clothing and jewelry for less than $150! One store that I hit was the Limited. They were having a 40% off the entire store sale. After almost spazzing out, I raided their clearance section. It was like Shop-til-you-Drop! I just kept handing the associate hangers upon hangers to put in my fitting room. That is how I shop. I go through the entire store and then hit the fitting room to divide and conquer. I have 3 piles: no, yes, and maybe. Once I have had a chance to try everything on, I decide what fits into my budget and what doesn't. Usually this is where the justifying comes into play. "Can I wear this to work?" "Can I wear it with more than one thing in my closet?" "How much is it after the discount?"

I was able to buy a great sweater and a three-piece suit (blazer, pants, and skirt) for less than $90.00. (The pants alone were originally $78!) I also went to Maurice's which is a store that I just discovered. I LOVE IT! They have so many cute styles that are not too trendy and are age appropriate for 20-30 something's not wanting their jeans too low. Between their store promotions and the great coupons you get if you get their emails and credit card, I saved as much as I spent! The best thing was when I got home I realized how many of the items I can mix and match. If I don't feel like wearing the blazer, the red sweater I bought looked great with the skirt.

Shopping is getting so easy ladies. Seriously, if you find the right store, the right sale, and the right sales associate, you can have a DREAM shopping experience. Most stores have their own accessories and shoes now too. It is okay to stay within your budget because clearance racks are great! I usually never start at the front of the store when shopping. I always hit the back first and work my way forward. A lot of top designers have lines at local stores now too like Target and Kohl's which is great. Sears and K-Mart also have great lines and designers at a reasonable price point.

Stay tuned for my snap shot of People:Style watch November edition! They have some great tips for holiday shopping!

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