Saturday, October 29, 2011

Maximizing a small closet

Anyone who has seen Clueless has closet envy, but most of us are stuck with little spaces where we cram all of our stuff and complain every time something falls off a hanger. It is possible to not hate your closet!

First, you need to follow my "cleaning out your closet" instructions from my posts on Feb 13th and 14th. This will help you declutter. Remember, the key points would be to sort: keep, donate, throw away.

Another great tip is to use multipurpose furniture and space around your house, apartment, or bedroom. You can buy storage blocks that are decorative, are a great place for magazines, books, etc. and also second as extra seating.

Use your accessories (scarves, jewelry) to decorate your room. You will always know where to find them and it makes your space more unique.

Check locals stores (second-hand shops, goodwill, Wal-mart, or Target) for great buys to help you get organized.

According to websites like Freshome Interior Design and, there are many easy ways to make your closet more accessable.

Analyze your closet needs: is it your primary closet, your work space, your children's toy closet?

Store out-of-season clothing and decorations in tupperware bins in your attic or basement. If you don't have extra space, use the space under your bed.

Buy boxes, bins, shelves, or a closet doubler to keep things seperated and easy to find. Label them or use clear bins.

Don't forget to use vertical space. Your closet door is great to hang bags, shoes, or jewelry. Also, store heavier items on the floor for easy access and so you won't hurt yourself!

Though most people save tasks like this for their Spring cleaning, Winter is a great time to tackle organizing your living space. You are snowed in? Pick out some great music and get to work. Good luck! I would love to see your results! Post your finished pics.

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