Friday, February 10, 2012

People:Style Watch's 10 trends for Spring

Happy February Ladies:

As you all know, I am in LOVE with People:StyleWatch!!! It always has the best trends and tips for all budgets. They did not miss a beat with this month's Spring fashion alert.

Here is their list of 10 Must-Haves for this coming season:

1. Color blocking. I am sure you have seen this in every store window. Don't be scared; I know you are all having flash backs to yourself dancing to a Paula Abdul song at a school dance. If you are afraid, start with something small, like your jewelry or a clutch. StyleWatch recommends keeping to neutrals and solid colors.

2. Day clutches. A larger take on the evening must-have. Choose something neutral, or brighten up your outfit with a sunny yellow or pink. Pair it with a casual outfit like your favorite skinny jeans and a tee or dress up your work suit.

3. Ankle-strap heels. This is a timeless look that keeps coming back. Whether they are thick or thin straps, it is a sexy addition to any outfit. Stylewatch says to try matching colors for a monochromatic look.

4. Mint green. This color works for most people and in a ton of styles. Pair it with a tan or white for a great, fresh look. Again, if you are having a hard time diving into the deep end, choose great mint accessories and work into it slowly.

5. Leather. My friend Sara does this best. She can pair a leather skirt with a floral top and look uber-feminine. COYC TIP: Start with a leather jacket in nude over a great floral dress or even a great pair of leather flats with your favorite jeans could work.

6. Blue & green jewelry. Stylewatch says to pair it with a white button-down for a casual look or a great white dress for a weekend style.

7. Floral. Pair with solids like black to emphasize the great patterns. Think big, bold colors and styles. COYC TIP: mix your styles. Go a little boho or punk glam while adding a floral print. For example, boyfriend jeans, great sandals, and a flowy floral top would look great!

8. Peplums. Step back in time with this trend. Stylewatch recommends pairing this look with a pair of skinny jeans or a tailored top.

9. Metallic heels. These are the greatest wow-factor to any outfit. Whether you going to work, out to lunch, or out on the town, you can make a statement with this trend. COYC TIP: rock a pair of great metallic heels with your favorite leggings and a sweater dress while it is still chilly outside.

10. Neon. Again, don't give up on me. You know you love it! Stylewatch says to pair it with black or white if you are feeling edgy or keep it RIGHT NOW with tan or beige.

Cleaning Out Your Closet recommends mixing some of these trends. (Not all of them of course!) For example: a color blocked day clutch, or a mint green peplum top. Try metallic heels with an ankle strap.

Have fun ladies!! Don't forget to post your pics of your favorite Spring trends!

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  1. You rock Gena! Im excited to go find a peplum for myself! :)